FB Utils  

FBUtils is a collection of open source utilities, specifically designed for use with Firebird and Interbase.

If you have an open source tool for Firebird or Interbase, or wish to help develop existing tools, you are welcome to join us. Just contact the project admins by e-mail.


Alias Manager  
Easy, central management of alias's for connecting to your database.
MPL Delphi 5 Windows

Copy data between Firebird databases.
MPL C++ Windows Linux

Automated database documentation.
IDPL Delphi 7 Windows

Quickly and easily export (and import) data to binary files, INSERT statements or CSV.
MPL C++ Windows Linux

Easily trap and view all sql statements sent to Firebird Server.
IDPL Delphi 7 Windows

Easily send email directly from any Firebird Database.
IDPL PHP Windows Linux

Firebird/Interbase Backup  
Centralised backup management.
IDPL Delphi 7 Windows

XML Export  
Export any table or SELECT SQL directly to an XML file.
IDPL Delphi 7 Windows

Monitor your Firebird databases, free disk space, CPU load...
MPL C++ Windows Linux

Automated generation of standard stored procedure (insert/select, delete, update etc) for almost any table.
IDPL Delphi 7 Windows

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