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Interbase Alias Manager (IBam) is an Open Source Delphi 5 project which centrally manages Firebird and Interbase connection strings. (IBam is subject to the MOZILLA PUBLIC LICENSE ).
Firebird and Interbase provide no mechanism for centrally storing connections, IBam was designed to fill this gap by creating an Alias which contains all necessary connection strings, including Username, Password, Role, Character Set, Dialect etc

Alias Types
Currently there are four types of Alias's, they are

  • Standard. Global Alias visible to all users/applications.
  • Server. A Server Alias is similar to a standard alias but is centrally managed on a central PC for easy management.
  • Private. Alias visible only to the application which knows the Alias Name.
  • Encrypted. Private Alias that is encrypted by the calling application.


    Thanks to the efforts of members of the IBam Community, IBam is now available in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. IBam automatically detects which version of Windows is running and displays the correct language.

    The database path within an alias can point to a local or remote database. Remote connections can use either the TCP/IP, NetBeui or SPX/IPX protocol.

    IBam currently has the following features:


    The Alias Manager is built around a simple API consisting of 9 functions, in a windows DLL. The DLL has a small footprint (around 140kb).

    There is a Control Panel Applet which manages Standard Alias's
    To aid Delphi Developers there are 3 demo applications. There is also a native VCL component (TIBAliasManager) which wraps up the API, this can be used in Delphi 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.
    The following image shows the control panels Alias Manager in operation.
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