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FBHook is a Firebird client SQL Monitor application which can trap and report the following types of activity.

  • SQL Statements*
  • Database connect/disconnect
  • Transaction start/commit/rollback (includes transaction type)
  • SQL Execute*
  • Fetch*
  • * Includes Timings in Milliseconds.


    FBHook collects its data and stores it in two text files in the applications folder, the two files are:

    [AppName].firebird.dat. Contains log of all API calls.
    [AppName].firebird.sql. Contains all SQL commands sent to the server.

    As well as logging all activity FBHook will also transmit the data in realtime, via TCP/IP to an application which can log and display individual elements, this makes it an ideal real time debugging aid, that can be used locally or on a clients site.

    Version History:

    Version 0.3 (Beta)

  • Fixed: Problem when resizing main window, child controls are now anchored.
  • Fixed: Trimmed blank text from SQL when sent to Viewer (1370175).
  • Fixed: Speed problem when sending data via TCP.

  • Added: Buffer for sending TCP data.
  • Added: Option "UseTCP" to specify that FBHook will send commands via TCP (On By Default).
  • Added: Timings in milli seconds for Prepare, Execute and Fetch.
  • Added: Option to show Execute and Fetch Commands.

  • Removed: Option "AutoConnect", TCP communications is now done via a seperate thread.


    Version 0.2 (Beta)

    Initial Release.

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