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Firebird EMail (FBMail) is a cross platform PHP utility which easily allows the sending of email's direct from within a database. This utility is specifically aimed at ISP's that support Firebird, but can easily be used on any computer which is connected to the internet.
FBMail simply attaches to 1..n databases on a server, once attached it selects all email's that need to be sent using a stored procedure (FBM$EMAIL_GET), each record is then converted to an email and sent to a recipient. Once sent another stored procedure within the database is called (FBM$EMAIL_SENT) to indicate that the email was sent.  If there was a problem sending the email then another stored procedure (FBM$EMAIL_INC_TRY) is called, this updates the try count within the database.

Attaching to the database is done via the Scheduler (windows) or as a Cron job (linux/unix). Typically the php file "FirebirdEMail.php" would need to be run about every 5 minutes.

Version History:

Version 1.1

Allows to differentiate between HTML and Plain Text email.


Version 1

Initial Release.

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