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TECT Softwares Stored Procedure Generator (SPGen) has been designed to create standard procedures for most tables.

Currently SPGen makes no modifications to any database, instead it creates a script which you can execute against your database.


The following stored procedures can be created against any table:

  • Insert.  Inserts a single row.
  • Update.  Updates a single row.
  • Delete.  Deletes a row.
  • Get.  Retreives a row.
  • All.  Retrieves all rows.
  • Page.  Retrieves a subset of rows (similar to First/Skip syntax)

Whilst creating stored procedures SPGen allows users to specify the following options:

  • Procedure Prefix.
  • Variable Prefix.
  • In Paramater Prefix.
  • Out Paramater Prefix.
  • Retrieve Primary Key values for Insert procedures
  • Event notification for Inserts, Updates and Deletes.
  • Verify record Exists prior to Update and Delete.
  • Use ALTER OR CREATE syntax.
  • Raise exceptions for null fields.
  • Use Default column values for null fields.
  • Optionally create EXCEPTION objects.
  • Re-Generate SQL script.
  • Modify SQL script.
  • Specify Sort Order for SELECT procedures
  • Optionally specify Generator for Return Param (INSERT)
  • Generate procedures for VIEWS.
  • Specify multiple tables or views.
  • Optionally ommit creation of Exceptions that already exist.
  • Optionally call EVENT's for INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE procedures.

All these options are designed to give usersof SPGen fine grained control on the Stored Procedures which are generate.

Change History

Version 1.1

Enhanced support for tables that only contain primary/Foreign keys.


Version 1

Initial Release.


Beta 6

  • Fixed problem where exception name was missing when update procedue was selected and select wasn't.
  • Added DEBUGCALLSTACK define and changed references in all procedures.
  • Updated exception name hash algorithm.
  • Added support for composite primary keys on insert script.
  • Added support for removing generator name.

Beta 5

  • Added support for Saveing table options between sessions
  • Added support for Restoring table options between sessions
  • Fixed problem with decimal datatype.
  • Fixed problem with multiple connect/disconnects.
  • Fixed issue when drawing disabled tabs.
  • Improved table generation performance.
  • Added more status bar notices.
  • Fixed problem when opening when error occured (DB not open).
  • Added button to select database in connection dialog.
  • Fixed problem with duplicate exception names.
  • Fixed problem with trailing commas, when part.


SPGen is distributed under the IDPL open source license.

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