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Firebird/Interbase XML Exporter (FIXML) is a utility that has been desigend to export any Table, View or Select SQL statement to XML format.
The following screen shots show the utility in use:
Page 1 - Connecting  
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FIXML will connect to any Firebird version and Interbaase versions 6.x & 7.x.  Database name can point to a full path/filename or alias of the database being connected to.
Page 2 - Table/View
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When exporting a table or view FIXML will export all records/columns.  The dropdown list displays an alphabetical list of all non system tables and views within the database, an image allows users to easily distinguish between tables and view.
Page 3 - SQL
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For custom output you can specify which columns and rows are viewed and exported using SQL. 

The status bar shows how many rows are being exorted and the estimated time to complete (in seconds).

XML Output
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