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Tool for copying data between Firebird databases

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What does it do?

With FBCopy, you can easily copy data between Firebird tables and databases. FBCopy is a command-line tool, so you can use it inside batch scripts, cron jobs, etc. Currently, Linux and Windows versions are available, but I hope it can be built with any compiler that can build IBPP library.


I was trying to copy data from one Firebird database to another. There are a lot of nice GUI tools that do it, but they all require thay you have fast access to database. Both databases I had were on remote server, and all I had was console access via ssh. Databases were too big to copy them to my machine, pump the data, and copy back. So I had to pump on the server. There were no tools for this, so I decided to write one.

  • Automatically loads all tables in both databases and compares their fields
  • Uses Foreign Keys and Check constraints to determine the correct order of tables
  • It can create ALTER TABLE and CREATE TABLE scripts needed to update the destination database if desired
  • It generates a simple textual definition file with list of tables, which you can edit to select only the tables you really need
  • You can manually edit definition file if you wish to copy from views or stored procedures
  • For each table, you can add WHERE clause
  • You can do it all as single atomic transaction or one transaction per table
  • Optional HTML output of differences for easier overview
  • Works on Windows and Linux


This tool uses IBPP library for database access. It supports Firebird 1.0, 1.5 and InterBase 6 databases. It should also work with InterBase 6.5 and 7, but nobody has confirmed it yet. If it works for you, please let me know. As IBPP project grows, I hope to support all database engines they do.

ARRAY datatype is not supported yet. If you need it, please let me know.

Dialect 1 is not supported at this time, only Dialect 3.


FBCopy is Free Software, released under Mozilla Public licence, version 1.0


  • Download page. The .tgz package contains Windows and Linux binaries and source code.
  • Project page
  • On-line manual

Copyright © Milan Babuškov 2005. (e-mail)

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